You’re Right.

How many seconds, minutes, hours, and days of your life do you spend doubting the validity of your beliefs & decisions?

How much time do you spend feeling frustrated or angry at people whose beliefs & decsions you judge to be “wrong,” while yours are “right?”

& how much emotional upset & suffering would you eliminate from your life if you ceased doubting your decisions & quit judging other people’s beliefs?

It’s human nature to divide ourselves into groups… somebody’s always right and somebody’s always wrong, right?


Truth is… there is no “Right” or “Wrong.”

There just… IS.

There’s no one “right” way of being in the world… because each and every one of us has our own one-of-a-kind way of being… each is changing and shifting from one moment to the next…

& each and every way of being is inherently RIGHT. Because they are the Truth of the moment. They are Reality.

And there’s no disputing Truth.

The beliefs of the people you disagree with did not arise within those people alone.

They were caused by conditions in the past and inherited in the here and now.

Right now there’s a prisoner on death row. You may look at him and call him “Bad” or “Wrong” for what he did years in the past…

But right now he’s just a dude sitting in a cold concrete room, longing for human contact. 

Forget the story, put yourself in his shoes in the here & now… Lonely & shivering… and it’s a lot harder to condemn.

Practice Compassion, Empathy, and living in the present moment and it becomes impossible to torture yourself with anger at people.

we are all just a product of the conditions that led to our existence.

We can’t help who our parents were, how our brains work, & how the experiences we’ve had shaped the paradigms through which we see the world.

Every single one of us is completely “Right” in the moment, because it’s the only way we can be.

So instead of doubting or judging yourself for past actions, or even the current conditions of your life…

& instead of looking at people that represent ways of being in the world that you don’t agree with…

Take stock of WHO you are & WHAT conditions are present in your life right now… what is TRUE…

and look to how you can direct the flow of that Truth toward the Truth that you desire for yourself in the future.

Vulnerability = Power

Seems like most people alive in the world today are afraid of being vulnerable. And it’s understandable…

We’ve got the fear of rejection coded into our genes…

& what is being Vulnerable besides actively exposing the most tender aspects of your self to the judgments & possible rejection of others?

What most people don’t realize though… is that Vulnerability gives you Power.

Because when you expose your truth like an open clam, one of two things will happen:

You’ll either A) feel truly seen and understood as you’re appreciated for the things that make you YOU… and at the same time, inspire others to also be vulnerable…

Or you’ll B) get rejected just like you were afraid of.

Thing is, there’s tremendous opportunity in actually experiencing this thing you’ve been protecting yourself from all your life… 

Because it’s only through experiencing Rejection that you truly come to realize…

That Rejection is nothing to be afraid of.

& the more you open yourself up & come face-to-face with Rejection… the more resistant your Vulnerable self becomes to it.

Until, eventually…

Rejection ceases to be a concern and you’re free to be You to the MAX.

24/7/365, no shites given about what anyone else thinks.

& as someone who’s made a practice of regularly exposing the soft gooey innards of my heart to this big, trol-infested world of ours…

Lemme tell ya: the initial discomfort is well-worth the feeling of being the Truest Version of Yourself.