The Hidden Gem Method for Curing “Broken Record Syndrome” In Your Copy

You’re on the home stretch.

After weeks (or months) of market research, product research, & drafting thousands of words of copy, you can see the finish line…

Just one more round of proofreading, and you can send off the package for client review.

Only now that you look through your work from a birds-eye view… you notice the same phrases popping up over and over again. The more you read, the more it feels a broken record.

It’s a common challenge copywriters face –

We dig so deep into the unique mechanisms that make the product AWESOME & get so familiar with the USP that we see it in neon lights in our dreams…

…and we end up doubling down certain key phrases over and over again in our copy – especially over the course of a large-scale launch or promotion.

Then your copy goes live, everyone’s pumped to see it in action – yet it just doesn’t generate the results you (or your client) were expecting, despite being polished, tight, well-structured, and oozing with expertise.

Problem is –

While that ultra-niched-down USP and those specific “power words” and phrases are optimized for very specific buyers looking for very specific benefits…

It’s really only one aspect of the product.
One perspective.
One angle.

Yet when you think from that perspective for hours and hours while pounding away on the keyboard, it’s easy to get trapped in it and lose sight of the bigger picture…

And when you do, you’re inevitably leaving money on the table.

Because there are whole segments of would-be buyers who are on a different wave-length than the one you’ve been writing from, and looking for different benefits than what you’re focused on in your copy.

The Solution…

Uncover The Hidden Gem.

See –

Your product is like a gemstone, with many many facets…

And your USP (and the line of thinking that goes with it) is just one of those facets.


And until you examine some of the other aspects – i.e. the less obvious benefits –

You’re going to miss the emotional mark with whole segments of highly-qualified prospects…

Simply because you aren’t presenting the “facet” of the product that speaks to them in their current state of self and market awareness.

So how to uncover these other facets?

The exercise is simple, and can take as little as 15 minutes.

Essentially, you’re playing “Taboo” with your broken record copy.

Step One: Write down your USP, along with all the “power words” and key phrases that you tend to fall back on in your copy. These are now OFF LIMITS.

Step Two: Set a timer for 15+ minutes and write a personal, casual letter to your Customer Avatar describing as many benefits of your product as you can think of – without using any of the OFF LIMITS words or phrases.

…simple as that.

At a certain point, maybe 7-10 minutes in, it might get challenging…

But if you keep going, you’ll soon find new aspects of your product that you never thought of before –

And these are the copy GEMS that are going to supercharge your leads, bulletpoints, and make your product copy click with previously untapped segments of your audience.

Here’s an example of the Hidden Gem method in action:

As I write this, I’m in the process of writing an (large-ish) evergreen email launch sequence for a badass entrepreneurial manbeast of a Real Estate Business Coach.

The product is a 3-month digital bootcamp for real estate agents, where they learn all the systems, processes, and mental frameworks that my client has developed over his 13+ years in real estate and that have allowed him to become one of the top 1% highest producing realtors world-wide.

So there are some pretty clear benefits (facets of the gem) right off the bat –

The USP might be…

The World’s Most Complete Real Estate Business Training, Taught By One Of The World’s Top Producers.”

And the obvious ideas around it might be like:

“Become a top producer.”
“Learn millionaire systems for running a business.”
“Sell TONS of property.”
“Learn how to work Smart instead of Hard.”
“Work less, make more money.”

…all the ideas around optimizing business, streamlining processes, achieving financial freedom, etc.

Yet when I take ALL those obvious ideas and put them OFF LIMITS… then keep exploring the benefits of his system and the results it’s designed to achieve…

I uncover new aspects of the product and new, less obvious benefits that come from implementing the system.

For example, in my letter to my Customer Avatar, I might write:

It helps you build a livelihood around helping people, and it shows you how to become a leader in your community and a positive role model for your children, friends, and family.

…not a word about money, productivity, or even real estate for that matter – yet it’s completely TRUE and accurate.

And for the right prospect, THOSE might be the most compelling, most attractive aspects of the Hidden Gem that is this program.

It’s all about expanding your perspective, coming from a place of genuine empathy, and getting on their wavelength so you can speak in the language of their own internal dialogue.

Because when you do, you’ll start overcoming objections and converting segments of buyers you never knew were there.

You just need to Uncover The Hidden Gem.

Rock on,

P.S. If you’d like help uncovering your product’s Hidden Gem so you can make sure to “leave no buyer behind” on your next promotion, email me at to book a Hidden Gem Discovery call.

The Ultimate Perspective on Life

There at two types of Truth.

Relative… and Ultimate.

Relative Truth is that which we agree on.

The grass is green. The sky is blue. Gravity is a thing. Spelling. Grammar. 1+1=2. Etc.

Relative Truth is useful, and necessary for humans to communicate, collaborate, and cohabit.

But too often, we get caught in Relative Truth… we perceive ourselves and the world around us according to what other people think and agree on.

We measure our own experiences alongside the experiences of others.

And we tell ourselves we should a feel a certain way because of all the Relative Truths we weave together to form the narrative of our lives.

We feel these feelings we think we’re supposed to feel… then we react to those feelings by thinking.

Memories of experiences past & Visions of experiences that haven’t happened yet.

Then we feel more feelings, based on the Relative Truths we infer from these thoughts.

Craving for things we once enjoyed or long to enjoy & aversion to things we disliked and are afraid of suffering through again in the future.

Suffering. Caused by a Perspective rooted in Relative Truth.

A perspective rooted in Ultimate Truth on the other hand…now we’re talking 😉

Ultimate Truth… True Wisdom… is experienced only in the present moment.

When you banish all thoughts of the past and future, what is your experience of THIS moment?

Unless you’re in horrible physical pain… chances are right now is pretty dang solid. Not much to complain about.

Maybe you’re hungry, maybe you have to pee… but overall, things are probably just peachy.

You can read. That’s pretty awesome.

You have time to read things that you’re interested in. Also awesome.

Maybe you’re in a beautiful place. Maybe there’s kickass music playing in the background. Chances are, there’sa whole lot of Awesome going on for you right now, that you might not have appreciated until this moment.

That’s Ultimate Truth — the AWESOMENESS that is existing at all.

And this Existence belongs entirely to you… the entire Universe in your mind.

Because without you here to experience it, how can it be said that ANYTHING exists at all?

It’s common sense that once we die the world’s going to keep on going.

People will keep on being born and living and dying over and over and over again…

Except, from where you’re sitting right now, reading this… That whole idea is simply a concept.

Each and every one of us can only measure Truth by our own experience of it.

And when you opt out of the Relative Truth Perspective and focus not on what you “should” feel and think and say and do and create (based on the expectations of your peers, society at large, and your own ego)…

And instead take the Ultimate Perspective and focus on your objective, judgment-free experience of your life in the here & now…

You might find a lot less to be worried about… and a lot more to be inspired by.

How To Become The Conscious Creator Of Your Reality

Every idea you will ever have… already exists.

They exist on a plane of reality that transcends time.

The Ether… The Collective Consciousness of All Beings… The CLOUD…

Where all thoughts, feelings, & experiences that have ever been & all that ever will be… meld together in one big storm of Totality.

Ideas are little bite-sized data-bytes.

As a creator, you’re downloading direct from The Cloud.

Your Mind is your Operating System.

It needs regular updates — constant expansion of your consciousness — in order to be the best “channel” it can.

Your Muse is the router through which you can access It. Your internet connection.

And you gotta pay your cable bill to keep that broadband open, my friend.

Only instead of money… you pay in the currency of FOCUS.

Your Conscious Effort in Improving Your Skills & Broadening Your Perception & Understanding of LIFE.

Consciously make the effort to upgrade your skills & broaden your perception of Life…

Consciously devote yourself to receiving the Inspiration your Muse delivers…

& watch as you Create Your Own Reality, exactly as you envision it.